It’s a brilliant introduction into dancing for your 3-5-year-old! The class introduces the basics while also involving games, music development and different styles of dance.

The use of different props, music and games keeps the whole class entertained and having fun. We have fantastic fundance teachers that are dedicated to creating the best class for every little dancer.

Junior Fun Dance Classes Perth Cockburn


Our junior ballet starts at 6 years we study under the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) In the beginning it is definitely feeling over form and introduces the basics of ballet while we increasing the children’s heart rates in a fun and exciting way!

As we move along through the years the technique, strength and physicality increases and the ability to set goals becomes a priority. Ballet is the core building block for the fundamentals of dance, it builds core strength, flexibility and provides a technique base that echoes through all genres of dance. We believe that anyone should be able to learn ballet. We offer classes from 6 years to our adult beginner's class. 

Ballet Dance Lessons Cockburn Perth


Jazz is technique based genre focused on strength and performance while kicking, turning and leaping. In a jazz class we provide a mix of traditional jazz technique paired with the modern commercial style which reflects this generation.
High kicks, High jumps, High standards! Jazz is such a strong way of expressing yourself! 

Jazz Dance Lessons Cockburn Perth


Do you like the idea of being smooth like Sinatra, stylistic like Kelly or as classy as Rogers? Tap is such a fun way to express yourself while developing rhythm, musicality and a personal style along with the control need to execute clear sounds.

In 2020 we will be studying under the GWT (Glenn Wood Tap) Syllabus. We offer tap classes from 6 years old to an adult beginner’s class! 

Tap Dance Lessons Perth


Contemporary is an expressive style of dance that fuses several genre styles to create something new. Contemporary is an organic and ever evolving genre that can be so exciting to perform and watch. Contemporary choreography usually tells a story or has a purpose or vision that is wanting to be expressed to the audience.
Contemporary definitely needs strength and technique. It is strongly encouraged that students who are interested in contemporary do two classes a week for this reason, so pairing contemporary with ballet or jazz is recommended.

Contemporary Dance Classes Cockburn Perth


Lyrical is a free expression of dance that is usually based around the music accompanied with the dance and the use of the song’s lyrics to tell a story. With a ballet base, lyrical is a beautiful genre and possibly a great option for a ballet only student who is looking for something new without breaking too far from their love of ballet. 

Lyrical Dance Classes Perth


This class is a commercial jazz fused with some fun hip hop elements. It’s just an awesome class to get down in and have some fun. In this class we just learn short little routines with new ones every couple of weeks. 

Street Jazz Dance Lessons Perth


Have you always wanted to try dancing or maybe you want to revisit something you loved as a child? Why not come down and try our ballet or tap classes. It’s a relaxed and comfortable environment where everyone is welcome!  

Adult Dance Lessons Cockburn Perth