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10 Good Things Dance Can Do For You!



As your dance technique improves and you feel more at ease with other people, your sense of accomplishment, motivation and confidence will grow. Every opportunity you take to dance will help improve your comfort level and communication skills. You will notice these new attributes taking root in other areas of your life as well.



As you learn to perform the more strenuous moves in any dance style your muscles begin to adapt to the movements. The more you practice each dance step the stronger certain muscles become. Many dancers have excellent physiques and they never enter a gym.



Dance can provide increased hand-eye coordination and improved fine motor skills. Students who can perform complex rhythms can also make faster and more precise corrections in many academic and physical situations. 



Musicality is the ability to receive, comprehend, be sensitive to and have a working knowledge of musical concepts, like rhythm, tempo, phrasing and even mood. It is also the ability to connect with accompanying music, interpret it and add movement dynamics that relate to the music even in the absence of accompaniment, in a way that is unique or interesting. It is a key ingredient in a dancer’s display of artistry.


Self Expression

With hundreds of different styles, dancing has been a form of expression since the dawn of time. To celebrate great times, to communicate our feelings, or to just have fun there are so many reasons to dance. The benefits of dancing extend far beyond being just a fun activity and can be used to express feelings and emotions in a unique way.


Stress Relief

Switch your brain off and relax from your day at school or work and get some life balance. Dancing can be a great way to relieve stress from your busy day.


Improves Balance

The many changes in body position and movement forces your brain to adapt to the rolling movements. Practicing dance improves balance for most people and is a great therapeutic way to exercise.


Develops Social Skills

Dancing alone can be fun and good exercise but most people enjoy dancing with and around other people even more. Studies have shown that as people age becoming involved in social dancing helps them stay active, involved, and productive members of their communities. Dancing is an important part of social gatherings across the globe.


Learn Respect & Responsibility

Children learn respect and responsibility for themselves, their actions and their things. Ballet in particular is very good for this.


Build Life Long Friendships

Dance classes can be a great way to meet new people and socialise with them each week. You really do have the opportunity to build life long friendships during your class with those you dance with.


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